Monday, September 10

Weekend Football-ery


My Warwick Warriors roll again, 35-19 over CV. I'm most pleased about Warwick's decision to go back to the Florida State-like spear design on its helmets. In general, those unis are pretty sweet.

I feel good any time Manheim Central loses. And when they lose big - like 44-27 to Gettysburg - well, that just gives me a big warm fuzzy!


I thoroughly enjoyed Dennis Dixon and the Oregon Ducks Harlem Globetrotterring all over Michigan. Gotta say it - they were bee bopping and scatting all over the place! Oregon rolled up 624 yards against the hapless Wolverines. Quity frankly, I'm surprised the score was only 39-7. It seemed like Oregon was just toying with Michigan for most of the game. Among the bevy of things I was liking: Oregon going for two early (11-7) for the heck of it, the Boise State statue-of-liberty play (and the fake which Dixon kept for a touchdown), the Dixon 85-yard bomb. Oregon was also sporting some sweet unis, too. I wish Dennis Dixon was Penn State's quarterback.

Then perhaps the Nittany Lions would have achieved a proper score for their de-moralizing of Notre Dame, like 52-3. Even with Morelli at qb, Penn State should have won in the range of 41-3. Give or take a few PSU points. Nevertheless, I was happy with the victory and the viewing experience was pretty sweet. I wasn't at the game, but got together with a few of LRH's friends. Derrick Williams flashed what will hopefully be a staple of this, his junior year. Causing some concern was D-Will's and Deion Butler's lack of touches on the offensive side of the ball. I blame that on Morelli, who I am still not sold on and probably never will be. Bring on Daryll Clark or Pat Devlin...or Dennis Dixon!

I had a feeling that LSU would absolutely obliterate overrated VT, and I was right. Funny to see that VT is dumping that Glennon loser in favor of Vick 5.0.


The Eagles tepid pre-season wasn't exactly confidence-instilling heading into their opener against Green Bay. Big Red and the 'Birds did little to dispel my trepidation, fumbling and stumbling their way to a 16-13 defeat at Lambeau. They definitely earned it. The 'Birds play and no-sense-of-urgency attitude reflected more like a 5th pre-season game than that of an NFL season-opener. Two muffed punt returns at the opening and close of the game and general malaise on offense squandered a solid defensive effort. Regarding the defense, it's safe to say that Jevon's new 100% equates to that of a too-light, washed-up defensive end that strictly bull rushes the opposing team's left tackle. Fumble recovery or not, Jevon, my man Trent Cole did all the work in getting to, sacking, and forcing the Favre fumble late in the fourth. Sad when the Eagles are paying the dude $5.2 million to be the third or fourth best DE...not in the League, but on their team.

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