Wednesday, January 25

Wednesday, December 9 Can't Truss It

In terms of baby gear for Little K, I love most anything peeps-related. Recently, a Carters peeps layette set at Kohl's caught my eye. LRK approved and even viewed it as a possible "going home from the hospital" outfit. Yes! Too bad Kohl's was selling it for $24 and I had no Kohl's coupons/cash/etc.

By chance, I was perusing JC Penney's website the other day. I saw they had the exact same Carters peeps layette set on sale for $14.99. Interesting. I saw on the slippery deals site I love that some people were receiving $10 off $10 or more Penney's coupons in the mail. I hoped I would be one of those lucky people. Yesterday, LRK and I both received said coupons. The $14.99 peeps gear just became a slick $4.99.

Before leaving work today, I checked to see if the local Penney's had the peeps set in newborn. The site showed they did. However, upon arriving at Penney's after work, I found the only sizes they had were 3 months and up. That would just not do.

So now I have to see if a neighboring Penney's has the set in newborn the next time I am in that area. Obviously, I will not be checking again to see the brick and mortar stores' stocks. Peeps fix delayed. How disappointing.

Tuesday, November 10

The First Kind

Is it wrong that when I play with Little K (which consists of me poking and prodding LRK's belly with Little K responding with kicks and punches) that I make sounds similar to the organ guy in Close Encounters of the Third Kind?

Friday, October 2

Radio Choices

On the radio, when you have the choice between listening to a classic (David Bowie - "Moonage Daydream") or a song you currently like (Jordin Sparks - "Battlefield") ALWAYS choose the classic. After Bowie, I was rewarded with GnR's "Sweet Child of Mine" and John Lennon's "Watching the Wheels" - nice!

Monday, September 21


LRK and I were watching College GameDay last Saturday (I like the whole show, she likes the "picks" segment at the end) and Chris, Lee and Herbstreit (who LRK once, hilariously referred to as "Curbstreit") were in Austin, TX referencing the "Hook 'em Horns" and "Guns Up" hand gestures of Texas and Texas Tech, respectively.

With all these Big XII hand gestures floating around, I queried LRK as to what Kansas State's would be, given the current state of the program.

Without missing a beat, she flashed something similar to the image below...

Classic. LRK FTW!

Sunday, September 20

Pro Bradley

10 years ago today (September 20, 1999) Milton Bradley, then playing for the Harrisburg Senators, hit a two out, full count grand slam in the bottom of the ninth inning in the deciding game of the Eastern League Championship.

Geoff Morrow of The Patriot-News revisits the final inning. Although ol' Milton did not cooperate in contributing to the article, Morrow does solicit some first-hand accounts from players and fans of what had to have been a surreal scene.

Monday, September 14

LCTCB Pleeze

I received a "Final Notification Letter" Saturday from the Lancaster Country Tax Collection Bureau stating they had not received my 2005 tax filing and that if they didn't receive my filing by October 15 they would proceed with prosecuting me.

As Angie Tempura would say, "B!!!!!!tch, pleeze." Those Greenspans did not receive my filing because I did not live in Lancaster during 2005. I resided in the YC from April 2004 to May 2006. So, duh, I filed my local taxes in 2005 with YC.

I tried to call LCTCB today to rectify the situation but had zero luck getting through to them. Some recorded message citing a switch issue. Ugh.

Lancaster County Tax Collection Bureau? I wish they would "collect" a case of the swine flu! Ahh bitc...