Monday, September 17

Boom Boom Clap

The trip up to State College was quite pleasant. I didn't encounter any significant delays, and thanks to my blue parking pass, I was afforded a plumb spot in close proximity to Beaver Stadium and the baseball field, which would come in handy later...

My seats were pretty nice - and chairbacks to boot! The last picture, although pretty, really doesn't do my vantage-point justice. And for as much as I've been up to State College, when will I learn that it gets cold up there? I went up there with long pants and two t-shirts. When the sun went behind the clouds, I was shivering.

Overall, the Nittany Lion "o" woke up in the 2nd half, thanks to the return of Andrew Quarless. The "D" was the "D", although they lost some focus in the last minutes of the 4th quarter.

Best of all, I left with about 8 minutes left in the game (PSU was up 38-10) and beat the traffic! I made it back to Harrisburg in 1 hour and 40 minutes. I was so pleased!

Heading back October 6 v. Iowa. Should be another dandy atmosphere.

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