Tuesday, August 21

Joy in Sparkledom

+ Guess who's back? After a mysterious 2006 hiatus, Mr. Sparkle is beginning its prep for the Pfantasy Pfootball Reprise draft on Wednesday. No doubt there are some specific targets out there...

+ The lowdown on why I (and other Comcast subscribers) currently can't view NFL Network. Not surprisingly, both monopolies are to blame. But given the choice, I will direct my animosity towards Comcast.

Comcast is also scuffling with The Big Ten Network. Stay classy evil, Comcast.

+ Free.99 Pyramid: Pet ownership, passing accuracy, driver safety...

What are things Mike Vick isn't good at?

+ Simon to quit Idol!

In 2010 when his contract is up.

+ I'm slated to see Dodgers v. Phillies tonight at the Bank. But Kendrick v. Tomko? I hope it gets rained out.

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