Friday, July 20

I Hate This Game

Via mistercellaneous, via newsroom photographer:

Atlantic League baseball: decent ballparks and okay uniforms only make to polish a turd.


Brett said...

What? I don't get it. So the guy had some control issues... happens at every level. And how about that fireworks display!

Casey said...

the entire atlantic league's motto, with the exception of the half-mlb rostered long island ducks, should be "come for the fireworks, stay for a baseball game, please?"

Todd said...

You mean,"half former-MLB rostered Long Island Ducks". I don't see any MLB squads knocking down doors to get Carl Everett et al on their rosters.

Atlantic League "baseball": What baseball game? There's gimmicks, giveaways, fireworks and play areas to enjoy!!!

Casey said...

certainly the reds and phils could still benefit from the likes of danny graves or john halama ... jose mesa, next stop, atlantic league

Todd said...

Hey, the Reds already had and got rid of Denny Graves, so we'll pass on him. We could use some pitching help, though.

Also, showed LRH's dad the clip and he got a good laugh out of it. He is definitely in the anti-AL camp. So, another one for the good guys!