Wednesday, December 9 Can't Truss It

In terms of baby gear for Little K, I love most anything peeps-related. Recently, a Carters peeps layette set at Kohl's caught my eye. LRK approved and even viewed it as a possible "going home from the hospital" outfit. Yes! Too bad Kohl's was selling it for $24 and I had no Kohl's coupons/cash/etc.

By chance, I was perusing JC Penney's website the other day. I saw they had the exact same Carters peeps layette set on sale for $14.99. Interesting. I saw on the slippery deals site I love that some people were receiving $10 off $10 or more Penney's coupons in the mail. I hoped I would be one of those lucky people. Yesterday, LRK and I both received said coupons. The $14.99 peeps gear just became a slick $4.99.

Before leaving work today, I checked to see if the local Penney's had the peeps set in newborn. The site showed they did. However, upon arriving at Penney's after work, I found the only sizes they had were 3 months and up. That would just not do.

So now I have to see if a neighboring Penney's has the set in newborn the next time I am in that area. Obviously, I will not be checking again to see the brick and mortar stores' stocks. Peeps fix delayed. How disappointing.