Tuesday, June 19

Lemme Buy U a Drank

Slate jumps in on the vitaminwater craze. I am liking Glaceau's all-inclusive ad campaign. The spots are spot-on in targeting everyone. As a runner and regular gym-goer, am I turned off by seeing 50 Cent or Kelly Clarkson promoting an energy drink? Heck no! That only gets my attention more. In fact, Formula 50 - 50 Cent's personalized, grape-flavored vitaminwater - is one of my favorites. I also drink Revive after I run, and Essentials (the orange juice-like one) on weekends. I am down!

Also, I was watching an old Scrubs recently, and noticed they were product-placing vitaminwater as far back as 2004. Another reason why Scrubs is best.


Mark said...

50 Cent is coming out with his own water line, much like Trump and his "Trump Ice" It is called "Get Rich Drinking this or Die Tryin."

Old Man Kirby said...

I prefer teh Sobe Life Water over the Vitaminwater. But both are good.